Friday, 27 March 2015

Keep your dream machine in perfect form!

Your car is your dream on four wheels and it really helps if you can keep it in peak working condition all throughout the year. Not only will it be a great asset during emergencies but also fetch you a higher price in case you are looking to upgrade to a better version in the times to come.

Stick to the car servicing calendar!
When you buy your car, the seller often gives you a service book that you need to follow in order to ensure proper car service at all times.  The first date of servicing is usually after the first thousand miles and thereafter at an interval of every three months in order to ensure that your vehicle does not go for car repair in the garage. You will also have to undertake a mot test to ensure that both preventive and breakdown maintenance of the car happens at yearly intervals.
Be thoughtful in your approach!
Think about it. Your car is usually the second biggest purchase of your life after a house and if you can keep it in the garage in peak working condition, then it can prove to be an asset for more than fifteen long years. But if you are not going to spend a few extra pounds for car servicing, then a time will come when you might have to shell a big amount to get the entire engine replaced or gear box replaced and that will really pinch a lot especially if it happens when you are low on cash. You might be caught on the wrong foot and you would struggle to find a vehicle during emergencies.
Keep these things in mind and plan your car servicing calendar accordingly!
Happy Driving!


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