Thursday, 8 January 2015

Now you can get your vehicle road certified with ease

One of the biggest headaches for any vehicle owner in the UK is three dreaded letters. We are referring to the test conducted by the transport ministry. This is also referred to as the MOT test.  This comprehensive test checks every single aspect of the vehicle. The purpose is to certify the vehicle is road worthy in the United Kingdom.  At GP Autos, we have seen vehicle owners afraid of this test. They have every reason to be. The list is very exhaustive. It checks every single aspect of the vehicle against the registration information. For example, if the vehicle has been modified with larger bumpers, but the information is not updated, then it can cause a problem to the owner.

So the next question is how can our Garages help you with the same?  At GP Autos, we have both experienced staff and in-depth knowledge about the testing. We do a thorough inspection of each vehicle that is handed over to us. We compare the registration details with every single part. We ensure that every single modification is recorded and updated. Our staff helps each client with the queries they have related to the testing. We make it a point to ensure that every client leaves our premises happy and completely satisfied.

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