Monday, 26 January 2015

GP Autos and our Services

GP Autos are fully dedicated to ensuring you will receive the highest quality services for the automotive parts for your vehicles. We keep our prices lower by eliminating middle men and we pass these savings on to our customers. Our auto parts are of very high quality and are comparable to original equipment manufacturer parts. We understand your budget and your requirements for receiving your parts as quickly as possible when purchased. Our aim is to provide the best service possible and to maintain your car as new. We can also deliver your car to your doorstep and you can book an MOT online with ease.

We believe that fulfilling our customers’ requirements to the highest possible standard will lead to repeat business and good word of mouth advertising. As part of this, we offer the best and most transparent pricing to our customers. Our company endeavors to provide customer satisfaction at all times and we have well trained professionals who will service your car in our garage and provide advice and guidance regarding your car service.

We are specialists in car servicing and also van services. In addition, we can perform MOTS for motorbikes, 3 wheeler's and we can also accommodate larger vehicles in our garage. However,we do recommend that you should service your vehicle regularly for proper maintenance. This will save you from unexpected breakdowns and unscheduled car repairs. The consumer will get the lowest deals and we will provide you the best service that makes your car as good as new. On top of this, our service includes a pick-up and drop-off service for your added convenience.


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