Monday, 29 December 2014

Brake your limitless speed at GP Autos

Hope all of you had a magnificent Christmas and you are geared up to welcome in the New Year. On behalf of GP Autos, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and belated Xmas!

Whenever your vehicle moves out of my garage after its servicing, I think safety is the most important aspect when you are driving. Speed always thrills but should always be under limits. It may not be the sexiest part of the car but brakes are used to reduce the speed or to stop the vehicle in case of an emergency. These brakes must be examined routinely for your safety.

I have listed a few indicators with reference to brake failures: -

Stains under your car?
These stains might be from coolant, motor oil or brake fluid. However, if you notice any such stains, it is advised to check the brake master cylinder. The fluid level should be almost near to the maximum capacity all the time.

Vibrations while launching the brake?
 In case, if you notice any vibrating sensation while you position your foot on the brake pedal and hands on your steering wheel, it is a clear proof for worn brakes.

Squishy brake pedal?
Meaning, you have to put extra effort on your foot to press down the brake further than normal. This is an indication of potentially dangerous drive.

 Is your car pulling?
Whenever you apply brake, is your vehicle pulling to one side or the other? The brakes need some adjustment here.

 Any grinding and squeaking noises?
These unnerving noises are due to issues with the brake pads.

Are you combating any of the above cited complications while driving your vehicle? If your answer is 'YES' to any of these questions, please visit GP Autos which specialises in brake repairs along with car servicing or MOT of your vehicles. To bypass any nasty jolts, the golden thumb rule is to get your vehicle brakes inspected for every 6 months or for every 12,000 miles.


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