Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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We strive in excelling in our services in getting your vehicle best suited for the roads as quickly as possible. Our well trained team has many years of experience in the automobile industry, and we believe in providing expert services for all your needs.
Car Service and Car Repair
Apart from Car Service and Car Repair, we also help in making your vehicle Road-Ready and durable in the shortest possible time. Be it a battery replacement or the entire engine which needs to be mounted, our trained mechanics will repair it making it as good as new. We understand that each customer has specific needs and our service solutions are customized as per your individual requirements. 
Car Service - GP Autos

This is why we are open to your opinions and suggestions. Contact us now for the best Car services in Milton Keynes and our experts will visit you in person to suggest the best possible solutions.
Mot Test Services
We have the best in-house team to determine the Mot Test for your vehicle. Apart from the best and competitive price-quotes in the area, we also assure you of the latest equipment used for testing your vehicle. Contact us now for a free registration of your vehicle for an accurate Mot Test and extended validity.
Car Servicing Services
Our Car Servicing includes servicing of general purpose motors and Commercial vehicles. Our success stories have helped us gain repute in the local area and loyal customers who have been using our Garage services repeatedly.
We offer a huge variety of services. Whether you are stuck in an emergency or looking for a routine job for your vehicle, we have services tailored around your individual needs. Call us now and we will have an expert visit you.

Note: For latest offers and prices kindly make a call or visit our garage.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Looking for A Trust Worthy and Reliable Service?

GP Autos in Milton Keynes endeavors to provide top quality services and making sure your vehicle is at its best. We have customers coming over from other garages stating that they feel they don’t trust the workshop, services, mechanics or they are unsatisfied with the customer services. That’s why we make our customers feel at ease and we discuss and offer the best possible solutions for the problems or to improve the performance of their vehicle(s). Most importantly you won’t find us doing a "cowboy job".
Car Service Milton Keynes
We promise to deliver best the services not only for your vehicles but also make you comfortable with our most economic prices and efficient procedures. We feel this makes us the best car repair, MOT test station, garage and car servicing in Milton Keynes. We are proud of our large, happy and satisfied customer base.
How we differ?
We might look like a typical car garage at a glance but our dedicated team is committed to get your vehicle on the road at its best as quickly as possible. We ensure that our team of mechanics is updated and constantly trained about all new mechanical issues and vehicle(s) services.
We are aware that when it comes to trusting a garage service for your car, you have concerns. At GP Autos Milton Keynes we are established and a well-known car service, MOT station, car repair and vehicle servicing.

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Why we are the Best Car Repair Service in Milton Keynes

We feel we are the best car service and repair garage in Milton Keynes due to our mechanics having over a 100 years’ experience between them in the car servicing industry. Our highly qualified mechanics focus on ensuring highly satisfactory services that will meet all your car needs. Since we opened our business in 2007, we have managed to become the number 1 choice in the area. We have experts who specialise in MOT testing and offer the best rates, thus making our services pocket friendly. 

Car Service Milton Keynes

Our garage offers car repair for all types of cars ranging from general purpose to commercial motors. We are the only one with the ability to carry out a full forty nine point service check with all our main services. Our mechanics are fully training in main car repairs from battery replacement to replacing the wholeengine. We strongly believe that no work is too big or too small, so we undertake all our work with a lot of focus to details.

We have the knowledge that well maintained cars outlast and outperform that those that do not. Thus, when you feel something is wrong with your car, do not hesitate to bring it to us. Our experts do many assessments on your car and offer any car service it requires within the shortest time possible. When you visit our Milton Keynes garage, you should have peace of mind that your car is in safe hands.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Keep your dream machine in perfect form!

Your car is your dream on four wheels and it really helps if you can keep it in peak working condition all throughout the year. Not only will it be a great asset during emergencies but also fetch you a higher price in case you are looking to upgrade to a better version in the times to come.        

Stick to the car servicing calendar!
When you buy your car, the seller often gives you a service book that you need to follow in order to ensure proper car service at all times.  The first date of servicing is usually after the first thousand miles and thereafter at an interval of every three months in order to ensure that your vehicle does not go for car repair in the garage. You will also have to undertake a mot test to ensure that both preventive and breakdown maintenance of the car happens at yearly intervals.
Be thoughtful in your approach!
Think about it. Your car is usually the second biggest purchase of your life after a house and if you can keep it in the garage in peak working condition, then it can prove to be an asset for more than fifteen long years. But if you are not going to spend a few extra pounds for car servicing, then a time will come when you might have to shell a big amount to get the entire engine replaced or gear box replaced and that will really pinch a lot especially if it happens when you are low on cash. You might be caught on the wrong foot and you would struggle to find a vehicle during emergencies.
Keep these things in mind and plan your car servicing calendar accordingly!
Happy Driving!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Car Servicing in Milton Keynes by GP Autos

Years of experience and expert mechanics are only two major reasons you should trust your vehicle experience in the skilled hands at GP Autos.

Car Servicing Milton Keynes

Car servicing that gives you peace of mind, in a clean environment with not only knowledgeable mechanics but a garage that puts your needs and wallet first. Our promise to you is to leave knowing you are not only just a customer but you have become a part of the GP Auto family.
Why servicing your vehicle is so important,  and why choosing GP Autos is the right choice.
Unusual sounds in your vehicle are usually a sign of a problem. This shouldn't be avoided, simply take note of the following:
Where in the vehicle is the sound coming from?
When does it happen?
When the engine is running?
When the engine is cold?
When you are accelerating?
Going above or at a certain speed?
Causes and effects of any of these problems are easy for the team here at GP Autos to diagnose. We are here to guide you. Be detailed when bringing in your vehicle. Explain to the best of your knowledge.
Preventive maintenance is not worth post poning. Many parts on your vehicle are interrelated.  Ignoring maintenance can lead to trouble,  specifically parts or an entire system can fail. Neglecting even simple maintenance may invalidate your warranty.

Monday, 23 February 2015

GP Autos Services and Introduction

Your automobile is one of your dearest possession and we at GP Autos truly understand that. We are dedicated to deliver you the best automotive services in town regarding any vehicle. We bring you these services at a pocket friendly price so that budget may never be a problem. Our spare (automotive) parts are of the highest quality and can be easily compared to the genuine ones made by the manufactures themselves. We ensure that the spare parts are available at affordable prices at all times and our customers get the quickest of services. 

Car Service UK - GP Autos

We specialise in all sorts of vehicles; motorbikes, three wheelers, vans and even larger commercial vehicles. With our aim to provide you the best automotive service in town, we also offer to deliver your serviced car right to your doorstep. Our services also enables you to book an MOT online at your own comfort.

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we are ready to go the extra mile to provide you with the best automobile service in town. Our transparent pricing policy further compliments our services with the customer not charged anything extra for all the lengths we are ready to cross for their satisfaction. Our team of professionals are experienced and well trained. Our custom training courses not only coaches them into excellent service men, but also trains them to be sharp so that they can guide you in the best way regarding your vehicles.

Keeping in light the best interests of your vehicle, we advise you to get it serviced regularly to avoid any breakdowns and performance drops. Availing our services for the latter, we guarantee you a healthy vehicle and a happy you.